Happy Birthday Lee Harvey Oswald! It isn’t his birthday today? OPPS sorry about that. Of coarse, even if it was I don’t think I’d raise my glass of Schlitz to toast him. ( I can’t believe Schlitz is actually in my spell checker)

Oswald was a cowardly scum who assassinated one of the most popular President’s in American history. While I suppose a very small number of you who read this post will think that was just peach keen, I’m hoping 99.999% of you will say “hear, hear, well said!”.

But wait a minute! It appears to me, and I may not know my evacuation apparatus from a hole in the ground, that this is just what is the media doing these days to the President! He may still be breathing but he sure seems to have had the life snuffed out of him. I mean really now! Isn’t he doing anything right? Can’t anything good be said about the man? And, why isn’t he sticking up for himself.

I don’t know who makes me angrier. The voices shouting “Off with his head!”, or the meager entity which seems to have possessed his persona. Is there a Teddy Roosevelt out there somewhere we can elect for President? A little guy who carries a big stick, has the guts to take on the media, and isn’t intimidated by the fact that he has to wear glasses?

Teddy!!! Where Are You


One Response to “TEDDY! WHERE ARE YOU!!!”

  1. doth Says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog, and for the insightful comment — I had no idea — and welcome to wordpress! I hope you enjoy blogging here 🙂

  2. Sheryl Says:

    RYN: Thanks for dropping by my blog. I loved your last line about only living freely in one’s heart. Really appreciate that.

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