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Catholics and Politics

November 11, 2006

It concerns me that, according to the New York Times, 56% of the Catholics who voted in this Novembers elections voted in favor of the Democrat Candidates.   What I am concerned about is, where does the issue of Pro-Life fall in the list of priorities of America’s Catholic population? 

I was raised in a Catholic, Democrat home and fully appreciate what the Democratic party stands for (or stood for in the 50’s – 70’s), and how Woe VS Wade has effected the party deliniations.  Being a Catholic, before all other affiliations, I find it hard to understand how any Catholic can reconsile themselves with the Democratic party with it’s pro-choice stance.   It disturbs me to think that economics, gay rights or foreign policy outweighs the mass murder of millions of innocent babies. 

I have heard the term “Abomination of Desolation”, a term used in the bible that has no direct definition attributed to it, used in reference to the proliferation of crimes being commited against all children, including those murdered by abortion.  I can’t help but believe that this may not be so far off the mark.

I would like to challange all Catholics to examine their priorities before voting in the next election, or any election.  Where does human life place in your list of prioirities.? If you are going to belong to a faith, then live by it. 


If the Democrats think the Islamic Jihadists will respect them more than President Bush then read this!

November 9, 2006

This is an article everyone needs to read.  If you think that because you refuse to be politically incorrect and see these inhuman animals for what they are that they will somehow respect you enough not to do to you what they did to these young girls, then think again!  It will get worse.

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Beheaded girls were Ramadan ‘trophies’
Stephen Fitzpatrick, Jakarta correspondent

THREE Christian high school girls were beheaded as a Ramadan “trophy” by Indonesian militants who conceived the idea after a visit to Philippines jihadists, a court heard yesterday.

The girls’ severed heads were dumped in plastic bags in their village in Indonesia’s strife-torn Central Sulawesi province, along with a handwritten note threatening more such attacks. The note read: “Wanted: 100 more Christian heads, teenaged or adult, male or female; blood shall be answered with blood, soul with soul, head with head.”

Javanese trader Hasanuddin appeared in Jakarta Central Court yesterday charged with planning and directing the murders in October last year. He faces a death sentence if found guilty under anti-terrorism legislation.

Hasanuddin allegedly returned from a visit to members of Philippines Islamist group the Moro Islamic Liberation Front with tales of how that organisation regularly staged bombings to coincide with Lebaran, the festival that ends the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. He later spoke with a preacher in Poso, Central Sulawesi, about whether such a plan could work in Indonesia, but expressed doubt about whether it was appropriate.

However, after further discussion with friends, he decided that beheading Christians could qualify as an act of Muslim charity.

Conscripting several accomplices at a local pesantren, or Islamic school, he directed one of them, Lilik Purnomo, to seek out “the head of a Christian”, prosecutors alleged.

“It would be a great Lebaran trophy if we got a Christian. Go search for the best place for us to find one,” Hasanuddin allegedly ordered his companion.

Lilik returned to say he had found an “excellent” target – a group of schoolgirls who travelled to and from class by foot in the Central Sulawesi village of Gebong Rejo. The village is in the district of Poso, where hundreds of people have died in sectarian violence in recent years.

Many observers worry that Central Sulawesi has become the latest battleground in a deadly jihad.

Three Christian men were executed there last month for their role in a massacre of Muslims in 2000 and there have been a series of deadly attacks in the province in recent months.

Prosecutors yesterday detailed how Hasanuddin, Lilik and co-accused Irwanto Irano planned the schoolgirl beheadings with six other men. They prepared six machetes and black plastic bags for carrying off the severed heads and spent several days surveying the area where the students regularly passed by.

The operation was called off on one occasion, when a woman spotted the attackers hiding by the roadside, waiting for their victims. On the night before the attack, Lilik told Hasanuddin: “I hope you are ready to receive your Lebaran gift.”

The attack was launched the following morning, but only four of the six targeted girls appeared.

Lilik, directing the attack from a nearby hill, told his accomplices to act quickly so that the remaining two girls could still be killed should they appear behind their friends.

The attackers cleanly beheaded three of the students but a fourth, Noviana Malewa, escaped after a struggle and ran away screaming. Her attackers gave chase but were unable to catch her.

The bodies, dressed in school uniform, were left by the roadside near the execution site, but the heads were carried in a backpack to Hasanuddin.The trial of his two co-accomplices was adjourned until Wednesday, when Hasanuddin will also reappear.

Crooks and Thieves in City Government

July 20, 2006

I’m  sooooooooo pissed off.  To make a long story short, I moved to Lincoln Nebraska about a year and a half ago.  We did everything we were supposed to do.  Had a title search to make sure there weren’t any leins against the property, had an inspection yada yada yada.  All clear, or so they said.  Today I get a letter in the mail from the City of Lincoln stating that I owe them almost $400 for weeds they cleaned up in 2004. I WAS LIVING IN COLORADO IN 2004!!!!!.  They are also adding interest and said that if I don’t contact them in 14 days, they will start foreclosure!  WHAT THE HELL is that all about???  This is the first letter I have received!  Are they stupid?  The funny thing is, I just recently contested my tax evaluation which was raised over $17,000.  Is this their idea of punishing me?  Right now my taxes are approx. $3,000 a year.  For a 900 sq. ft piece of junk that currently needs over $30,000 in repairs.  We were seriously lied to by the previous owners and their sack of crap real estate agent aka father of the owner but that is another longer story.  I’M MAD MAD MAD!!!!! THIS PLACE IS SERIOUSLY GOING TO HELL IN A HAND BASKET! So,  what is your opinion on that?

Wake Up Nebraska!

July 13, 2006

I was reading USA Today on Monday.  Yeah, I’m slow.  There was a section stating what several states were doing to address the problem of illegal immigration.  First of all, let me stress the work ILLEGAL!!!!  As in, not here legally???  As in, not obeying the law????  Can we get this first off before I say anything else???  Thanks! Well, in all the states, they are proposing legislation that will  do things like make sure employers aren’t engaging in ILLEGAL hiring practices and limiting the social programs to only emergency level care, or making sure that proper identification is presented before being able to vote or get a drivers license and sending troops to help secure our borders.  Except Nebraska.  Nebraska’s contribution to the problem of immigration is to allow children of ILLEGAL i to pay instate tuition at the states universities and colleges.  Do the congressmen and senators in Nebraska actually understand what the hell is going on here?  Are they stupid? The funny thing is, it specifically states that if the university sees that you did not graduate from a Nebraska high school and you have lived in the state for more than a year before enrolling, it will use this as criteria to charge you out of state tuition for the duration of your education.  We moved here a year ago and my husband works for the state and will have to pay out of state tuition if he decides to get his Master’s degree.  ILLEGAL immigrants won’t.  WHAT IS THAT ALL ABOUT?